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Best android phone 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10

Our talk today is about the Samsung Note Plus smartphone. So today we will choose what might be the best smartphone for us. Because the quality of a smartphone is not good, then, in that case, using the phone is not comfortable. We know that many people think of the best smartphone in the current market, there has been a lot of rumor in the news about Samsung’s Note Ten Plus unveiling in the world market. Talks have also begun that the Android phone will be ahead of the flagship kingdom. The world of technology reigns with Huawei’s P5 Pro and Samsung’s Note Ten Plus flagship. The best android phone 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10.

best android phone 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10

Huawei P1 Pro And Samsung Galaxy S10

Huawei P1 Pro has also won several awards since its arrival in the market. Praise has been received worldwide. The phone has won the best flagship on the Android platform. However, with the launch of Samsung’s Note Ten Plus, the discussion has started. Let’s not know the things that matter, like the comparative differences between the Samsung Galaxy Note Ten and Huawei P2P.

Rear camera 

The camera is one of the major weapons of the smartphone market. So considering the best flagship, Huawei P5 Pro and Samsung Note Ten Plus have placed a lot of importance on the camera. The two phones feature a quad-camera feature and two phones made with the best current version of the time.
We know that Huawei has teamed up with Leica, a world-renowned camera company, with P6 Pro to stay ahead of the camera. The rear camera is at 9, 20 and 8 megapixels. So the best technology. Due to which the depth of field of the professional camera will be available. As a result, the images will be a profession and lively.
And at present, Samsung’s Note Ten Plus phone has the same TOF technology as Huawei. Also, included are three 12, 12 and 8-megapixel cameras, which is considered to be the best of the current time.

Selfie camera

Let’s take a look at the Huawei P1 selfie of the time, which is now one of the festive, joyful moments. The selfie that is to color requires a good quality selfie camera. Huawei’s P6 Pro flagship phone has a 12-megapixel selfie camera for great quality selfie. Samsung’s Note Ten Plus has been given a 5-megapixel camera while waiting to unveil the country’s market.

Phone Design 

Both flagship phones and etiquette are almost synonymous phrases. One of the most aesthetic and visionary designs for expressing nobility. The Huawei P2 Pro smartphone has already garnered a lot of praise for design in the world market. Samsung’s Note Ten Plus smartphone is also designed like the P5 Pro. The rear camera position of the phone, the display design, the color assembly is almost the same.

Best Phone Battery Life

Without worrying about charging, the phone needs a good quality battery for use. Both the Huawei P6 Pro and Samsung Note Ten Plus phones have a good quality battery. The Huawei P6 Pro has the best battery of 120 mAh. The Samsung Note Ten Plus has a 5 MAh battery. So it is the Best Phone Battery Life

Huawei’s P6 Pro, which arrived several months ago, has already met customers’ expectations and expectations. Has also received several global awards. Samsung’s Note Ten Plus is also coming to market with similar features, designs. Meanwhile, Huawei Mate is waiting to unveil in the world market. Then the race for the flagship kingdom will increase.

For those who are thinking about buying a flagship phone, which flagship is before them? Huawei P6 Pro or Samsung Note 4 Plus? Currently commented by two smartphone users, so depending on which smartphone user you want to use.

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